Update as of 15/08/19:

Exclusively for Decathlon Members, for a purchase within Australia, we allow up to 365 days to return your items in the 2 following cases:

  1. Unwanted goods: unused and in their original packaging with tags

When returning unwanted goods you can choose to be refunded or to exchange. Please note we do not exchange or refund perishable goods such as food or drinks, personalised items and personal safety equipment (such as helmets, ropes, carabiners, screws… non exhaustive list of products).

  1. If the product in use is not satisfactory for the intended sport practice

Please note that we will not accept:

- products that are deemed to be damaged on purpose or not properly maintained

- products used outside of their intended means

- products subject to normal wear and tear

- perishable goods such as food and drink and personalised items (such as printed clothing or personalised items) or personal safety equipment (such as helmets, ropes, carabiners, screws, mouthguards… non exhaustive list of products);

Please see: https://decathlon.com.au/pages/terms-of-use for the full returns and exchanges policy (Clause #4)

The Policy:

As a member of Decathlon Australia, you have 365 days to return or exchange your purchase. 

You can return or exchange online or in-store. 

For returns or exchanges of products purchased internationally (other than in New Zealand) see the International Exchanges and Returns Policy page here.

* Please note, Decathlon Australia does not refund or exchange safety equipment or consumable items.

Online purchases:

Exchange online purchases for another product (return shipping is free!):

If you'd like to return for an exchange (on any product across our website), we'll send you a free-postage label so you can send us the product back. We'll first send you a Parcelpoint free postage label.

If a Parcelpoint is not within reasonable distance of you, please pay to send it back through AUS Post and provide us with your receipt so we can refund the shipping costs.

Meanwhile, we'll place a new order and send you what you need in exchange. If you are unhappy with a product and wish to upgrade to the next model above, this is completely fine, you will just have to cover the cost difference.

To find out more about exchanging online purchases online, click here

Returning online purchases for refund (return shipping is not-free):

When returning your purchases for a refund, provided the reason for the refund is simply a change of mind, and not a defective product, it is the customer's responsibility to pay for return shipping.

In this instance, you can return the product(s) either through AusPost or ParcelPoint, and we'll refund the price of the product to you as soon as we confirm that the delivery is on its way to us. In order to confirm this, we require the tracking number of the shipment, which will be provided to you by either shipping service. 

Refunds usually take 2-3 business days to reach you.

To find out more about returning online purchases online, click here

In-store purchases:

Exchanging or Returning in-store purchases in-store:

If you'd like to return for an exchange, visit one of our stores, and we'll perform the exchange for you on the spot, provided we have available stock. 

In this instance, all we would require to proceed with an exchange are either of the following:

  • The original purchase receipt, if available

  • The membership number or email ID attached, in case the original purchase receipt is unavailable 

If the product you're exchanging your original purchase for is more expensive, the difference in price will be charged to you.

If the product you're exchanging for is less expensive than your original purchase, you will be refunded the difference in the same payment method by which the original purchase was made; i.e., credit card, gift card or cash.

If you're unable to visit a Decathlon store, we'll place a new order and send you what you need in exchange. 

To find out more about exchanging in-store purchases at one of our stores, click here

To find out more about returning in-store purchases at one of our stores, click here

Exchanging or Returning in-store purchases online:

The process of exchanging or returning in-store purchases differs from exchanging or returning online purchases online. This is because our policy is to refund costs the same way in which they were paid where possible, for our own security, and that of our customers.

For this reason, it is preferable that in-store purchases are returned or exchanged in one of our stores.

Sometimes, however, it simply isn't possible to get back to one of our stores, and we're aware of that. In these cases, the return shipping process is the same as for online purchases, but any refund involved will be made by gift card.

For more information on Returning an in-store purchase online, click here.

For more information on Exchanging an in-store purchase online, click here.

International purchases:

In the event that you made a purchase at one of our Decathlon stores overseas, we would be more than happy to try to assist you in exchanging, refunding, or making a warranty claim on a defective item.

There are conditions that Decathlon Australia is bound by, however, and you'll find everything you need to know about our International Exchanges and Returns policy here.


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