Your membership is a unique access point to your sporting experience with us, whether it's taking part in our free events, enjoying our expert sports tips or easily accessing our services.

We propose on our website and in our warehouses in Australia, services never seen before in your past experiences with Decathlon. Your Decathlon Membership makes it as easy as possible for you to share our passion for sport. 

Some of these services that we offer to our Australian customers have already been launched, tested and approved in new Decathlon stores in other countries (e.g. Hong Kong, India, Thailand, Portugal, Philippines ... ) and our experiences with these services so far in Australia have been positively received.

For example - Our Aussies prices will be as low as we can make them, many are lower than in Europe. This can only be done because we manage all our integrated models; we strive to be lean and more organized on many topics in reference to product quality, management, products progress, quality of offer, less communication cost.... and in consequence, this allows us to offer you the best quality and decrease our prices.

- You get product feedback from our international communities and can share yours with our Aussie customers.

- You can test any product you want for one week, keep it if you love it, bring it back if you prefer

- You can play on our sports facilities for free

- You can participate in our sporting events for free or take the initiative to organise them with us 

- You can with your sports club participate in the Decagrill and raise money and funds for your sports community for free

- You can participate in improving your Decathlon Experience, for example: Choosing the closing hours of the store!

For your peace of mind, you will find all of your previous Decathlon purchases through your membership, so no need to keep any receipts. This covers the warranty on your products as well. 

For us, this works out very well: 

- In case of product quality recall, we can do it really quickly through being able to trace back everyone who has purchased the item (much safer for everyone) and at a very smart cost (won't impact our prices!)

- We will be able to easily interact with members and receive feedback on our products and improve them (less cost on research, so lower prices) 

We evolve every day to share more with our members, as with many modern digital/retail companies. For companies such as Amazon, Costco, Alibaba, Appstore (by Apple), it's natural to be a member - and everyone knows that. 

If you have concerns about spam, all you have to do is opt-out! We'll never spam, or force any communication on you. 

We're really sorry because many of our loyal community are already members in France, Spain, Italy, India, China..but since our membership is country based - you will have to sign up again! 

On our part, we've made it very simple to sign up, and we've decided to offer this membership for free (as basic as an account with Amazon!). If you've already bought on, you're already a member, it's done! :)

We fully understand that this might be strange to you if you've shopped at Decathlon before and are used to the former Decathlon concept.

We hope to meet you soon and expect that you'd love your experience even more in Decathlon Australia than everywhere else. 

Your Sportingly,

Customer Happiness team