All of the products sold at Decathlon have a minimum of 2 years and a maximum of 10 years warranty in which to either exchange or completely refund your chosen item. If you are unaware of how long the warranty is on your chosen product have a look at the product page on our website where the warranty term is shown.

Being a membership warehouse, Decathlon requires all of it's customers to become a member. The main reason for this being that it allows customers to hold a valid warranty on all products without having to keep piling up those annoying receipts in your wallet. All purchases on your account are kept with Decathlon through our customer account system. Warranties do have some additional terms and conditions on certain products, for example our roller skates have a 2 year warranty on all parts of the skate except for bearings, wheels and brakes. All of which are available as spare parts. Our fitness machines also have a 5 year warranty on most parts of the machine and bike frames have a lifetime warranty on the frame.