Returning online purchases online is a very straight forward matter due to a purchasing system Decathlon has in place which protects the purchaser and us from fraud, theft or other complications.

Returning in-store purchases online is a little more involved due to our ability of only refunding purchases the same way they were made, in order to facilitate a more secure purchasing experience for our customers. 

For this reason, in-store purchases can only be monetarily refunded in-store.

Sometimes, however, it simply isn't possible to get back to one of our stores, and we're aware of that. In these cases, the return shipping process is the same as for online purchases, but any refund involved will be made by an online-only gift card.  If you are inside a 50-kilometer radius you will be required to visit your nearest store, you have 365 days from the purchase date to do so.

Please get in touch with our team for more information about this option:

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